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Lipa balance pole pole bila pressure, bila stress
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  • 16000 Watts PMPO
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • SD
  • FM radio
  • LED
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The Sayona SUB WOOFER Subwoofer is engineered to bring an eccentric music experience to your home theatre system. The subwoofer is designed to handle the speed, detail, and variation of certain music. This Sayona  subwoofer plays loud music without any distortions. In many systems, when you play loud music, the woofer in the speakers can have trouble keeping up with the mid drivers and tweeters but Sayona  subwoofer plays effortlessly and without any distortion. Sayona subwoofer reveal sounds the speakers cannot reproduce and so you cannot miss a note and you will be able to feel the lowest notes from instruments like the guitar, kick drum and pipe organ. This device offers a great sounding system that is sure to entertain the users.

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