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Welcome to Mosmos - Save Now Buy Later platform for Africa, Lipa Pole Pole

Mosmos is a pioneering “Save Now Buy Later” platform that empowers customers to acquire high-value products after completing their savings goals. We believe in making aspirational purchases accessible to everyone, and our mission is to provide a seamless and affordable solution for individuals to achieve their dreams.

At Mosmos, we recognize that traditional financing options can be burdensome and restrictive. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative app that puts the power of financial freedom back in the hands of our users.

How Mosmos Works

As easy as 1,2,3...

Register your Account

To sign up, download the Mosmos app from Google Play Store or  the App Store

Create a savings goal

Select between a generic goal or book any product on our marketplace to get started

Start your Payments

Pay conveniently towards your goal through your preferred payment method.

Why do customers love Mosmos?

You really have to try our product to get the full picture, but here is a brief

Great Deals

We have great partnerships to give you the best deals at the best prices on all products and services

Convenient and flexible payments

Make hassle free payments with no pressure and no hidden or additional fees

Safety and Security

All our financial partners are vetted and approved by regulatory authorities in Kenya

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Some of our Partners

We have assembled best in-class retail partners for your shopping pleasure. Buy everything from mobile phones, electronics, home appliances, furniture, construction materials and so much more and pay in convenient and flexible installments.

Mosmos FAQs

Need more info about Mosmos? Checkout some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Why should I use Mosmos instead of any other Savings app?

Mosmos is a Save Now Buy Later platform. We enable you to save directly towards the product or service you want to eventually purchase. We match you with the supplier/provider of the product/service and give you the best possible deal, and throughout your saving period you unlock even more discounts and earn cashbacks.

This means that from the word go, you stay focused on your goal and earn/unlock more discounts as you consistently save.

What happens when I don't finish my payments within 90 days?


Our 90 days payment policy that we lock the price of what you have ordered against price changes and also guarantee stock availability once you are done with your payments. However, you can pay for more than 90 days. After this, delivery of the EXACT same item is subject to availability. We might recommend an alternative product within same budget range.

You can also pay in LESS than 90 days.

How is my money secured by Mosmos?

We use the strictest and latest security best practicess that ensures safety and security for your Mosmos account and mobile app access, complete with a PIN and OTPs that you have to personally verify before you transact.

Mosmos also works with financial partners who are vetted and approved by the regulatory authorities in Kenya.